Saturday, September 5, 2020

PPAP Paint Fairmount Park

Today the PPAP hit Fairmount Park Horticultural Center to paint some socially distancing Plein Air on a gorgeous late summer Saturday. Its been forever that we have not gotten together to paint with this years pandemic. But since we are all social distancing and taking great care, we decided we could try going out very early to do some painting. We decided to try Fairmount Park in  the city which is spacious and has many interesting sites to try and paint---and not picnic grounds etc., to attract huge crowds of Mask Slackers partying.

In fact there were only families mostly with little kids and a few hikers , a very light crowd with plenty of social distancing. it could not have been a better day, great light, cool and no wind or humidity.

After a bit of walking I found a spot that caught my eye and set to paint. The group all wandered off to find something interesting for them.

I hit it quick as the sun was on the move and I knew the light i liked wag going to change in 30-40 minutes tops.

Liang found a nice spot with shade, Will did too as he brought his tablet to paint on and needed to be in the shade to see. By the time I stopped the sun had moved and my right arm was starting to catch the sun.

                              Liang and Joyce, it was Joyce's first time trying Plein Air painting.
                                                  Mimi and her painting
                             Everyone trying to see what Will did on his tablet.
                                                   Joyce's first painting
                                                       Liang's painting
                                                Joyce's second painting 

We snacked and then just chilled since everyone has been cooped up for all this time due to the pandemic--7 months now-- it was so nice to just lay there and enjoy the out doors and sun on your face.

                                      A nice scan of Mimi's lovely painting
Here is my painting I did today. I thought about doing another but just decided to chill instead. I hope we can go back out in the next few weeks again.


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