Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Paint Out

 To celebrate my Independence day I didn't fight aliens, go to the movies , BBQ or watch any fireworks, instead I cruised around the Brandywine area hunting painting spots and eventually setting up to paint until the sun drove me back inside and back home. I scouted around for a good while driving the back roads around the Brandywine area off of Route 100 and  Route 92. I found so many awesome spots to paint- however so often they were on roads where there was no parking spot, no place to stop and set up to paint. A few spots I found the state troops cleared me off and said I couldn't park there. I think being on a motorcycle would be a great thing to have for spots like this--but I don't trust driving motorcycle--they are too deadly around these parts.
 The good thing is even thought there were a lot of spots I couldn't stop I took about 400 photos I can work with and noted spots I can go back to. It was hot for sure and the air conditioning in my car needs a recharge, so it was a hot ride in spots. but driving down these small winding roads there was a nice cool breeze in the shade. Eventually I stumbled upon Delaware State Park and drove in there and found a spot to paint. the trouble was there was no shade. So I put on some sun screen and my new hat that I grabbed at target, which is great for painting in the sun. i really need to get an umbrella for painting and I guess that will be my next purchase.
I knew I'd last maybe 90 minutes tops in the sun with the heat just beating on me, so iIworked fast and snapped pics as I knew I'd be finishing this in the studio.

This was my start and below I snapped another process shot. My eyes kept filling with sweat and it was hard after a while to judge the values a bit. I did take a break and sit back in the shade on the car for a spell to give my eyes a rest.

 I got things blocked in in around an hour or less and called it quits. But I got what I wanted which was my eyes and my sense of the space, colors, atmosphere. I snapped a few more pics and headed back home.
 After a shower a siesta and some dinner I worked from the pictures I snapped and finished up the painting in about 3 hours.  It was one of the best 4th of July's I have ever had!
                                                         Delaware Barns 16 x 20 Oil