Friday, August 22, 2014

The PAPP at the DuPont Environmental Education Center

Hello Plein Air enthusiasts, welcome back! I'm trying to catch up on the blog with some of recent plein air outings by the PPAP in and around the Philadelphia area.

On a fine Saturday about two weeks back William, Jen and I headed down to the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington, for a great day of painting on the beautiful Wilmington River Walk. 

Will and I drove down from Philly and Jen drove up to meet us as she knows the area better than the both of us as she lives in Delaware. Arriving a bit early Will and I scouted around the area and then Jen suggested we head over to the DuPont Environmental Education Center, which we did. 

It is a great place to visit and walk, jog and take pictures or paint. I saw many photographers out snapping pics of the beautiful Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, marsh and wetlands as well and many joggers and people out walking their dogs.

 It was a very sunny day and as we scouted around for painting spots, and we found a lot of great views, the sun started heating things up. So we all were looking for a spot with some shade to avoid getting cooked and there were not a lot of shady spots and the temp had climbed into the upper 80's.

 Jen set up on the third floor of the Education Center and Will and myself set up under the walkway which afforded us a great view plus shade. I brought along my new Julian Plein Air unbrella, which really did come in handy to block the sun on me and my canvas--I'm so glad I finally bought myself one.

It was just past solar noon as we all hurried to get painting as the sun clock was ticking. As usual we had many onlookers and interested parties as we worked. Poor Will even had some kind of birthday or Quince Anos party set up for pics and block his view for a while.

Even though it was a challenge I wanted to paint the old train bridge that crossed the river off the Environmental center. I brought along my old yard stick to use as a mahl stick which helped. And you can even watch a video I shot of part of my painting process on this painting on my youtube page. 

A subject like this really forces my concentration to the ultimate, to really look and think before I paint. I painted this painting on a little MDF panel I made back in school that was coated with 3 layers gesso.  i love the depth and counter angles of this view and really want to go back and paint other views of this bridge.


                                   But eventually the light changed too much so we all called it a day.

                               My painting for the day, Old Train Bridge,  8 x 20 Oil on panel



LEFT: William's handsome little canvas, a great composition and similar view to mine. 

RIGHT:  Jen's great painting vista from the second floor of the nature Center

Friday, August 15, 2014

Painting the Lawrence Cabin

A few weeks back some of us PPAP hit a new spot to painting in Havertown at the Lawrence Cabin  , which is very similar to the Swedish Cabin that the group has painted at several times, and is located about equal distances from my home.

 Once again Alina found another great painting spot for the group that we could easily visit multiple time to paint. We were joined by a new painting friend Cynthia Taylor Mould who I met through the En Plein Air Facebook group. It turns out we live pretty close and have even painted similar spots like the Swedish Cabin, and along Darby Creek.

                                             The spot I decided to painting and my easel

We all met up at the new spot and Alina and I spent some time exploring the cabin and the grounds looking for painting spots. Alina decided to paint up by the cabin as did Cynthia, but I decided to paint down off the grounds looking down on the stream below.

                                         Cynthia with her lovely painting of the actual cabin

By the time we started it was close to solar noon and I was aware that soon the light would change as the sun crossed over into afternoon and the shadows would reverse. I really liked the high vantage point looking down onto the stream with the wash and rocks below with a foreground element of the tress in the foreground.

 I set up my basic palette and went to work. I even attempted to film my process but I ended up stopping after a spell as I think I need a better rig or maybe a camera person to aid in the process.
The afternoon rushed past quick and eventually the sun
 changed enough that I had to stop work and call it a day.

                           Alina painting near the cabin and her two sweet little paintings she did.

                                                             Cobbs Creek 12 x 16 Oil

But I did shoot a video of my painting process and posted it in two parts of youtube

Part one Here   and  part two Here

I hope weather cooperating I can get back over to the same area this week to try some more painting.