Sunday, April 20, 2014

Group Opening at Ed Olivers

Friday was the official opening of the group show for the PPAP at Ed Oliver's Golf Cub in Wilmington.

We had a great turn out and we also had lots of family and friends come out since it was a local show, like fellow PAFA Alumni and awesome painter David Shevlino.

It was a great night and full of laughs and art talk. We even cooked up some more ideas for the group and shows and events for the PPAP.  Since we are all alumni of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts it was great to share stories from the 80's till now about fellow students and faculty and our time at PAFA.
We also talked about our work with the art lovers who showed up, discussing where we painted the scene and locations in and around Philly and South Jersey. There were even some sales!

With the weather starting to turn nice we are all anxious to get back outside and paint!

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