Saturday, May 28, 2016

Burlington Plein Air 16

It looks like Spring has evaporated as the heat turned up to Summer this week in Philly just as I was finally able to get out of the studio and back to painting in glorious nature.

Along with Alina I was able to participate in the Burlington Plein Air 16 which is run by 28 E Gallery in Burlington NJ. We both participated in the event last year where Alina won an award for her painting. This year the event was structured around the Historic Yorkshire Garden Tour.

The event was suppose to happen last Saturday with all the painters heading out at the same time to paint, but we were all rained out and so the decision was made to allow painters to have the next week to complete their paintings.

That meant for Alina and myself Wednesday was the best day for us because of our work schedules and so we headed out from Philly up I-95 and RT 130 with a list of two gardens we could paint at.

We decided on the Pearl Blvd. spot as it had the best views that included the garden, river and also some shade, which helped a lot as it was already 90 degrees by the time we got to Burlington and started painting.

The people who's home we were painting were also very gracious allowing us the use their bathroom, and some cold water which was great, they even gave as small tour of their beautiful home full of treasures from their world travels.

It had been several months since I was able to get out and paint due to my heavy work schedule that includes two comic strips, Judge Parker and now The Phantom, but I plan to be back out as much as possible to paint this summer.

After we finished our first paintings we decided to take a break and have some lunch at Francesco Pizzeria-Ristorante which has fantastic pizza! They even gave us extra pizza boxes to carry our painting back.

That renewed our energy  bar back to 100% to try for the second garden, however by that time the sun was about an hour from setting which didn't give us enough time to paint and the angle of the sun didn't give us much to work with as far as light for the smaller garden, which was narrow and nestled between two house, so we decided to pack it in and head back to Philly.

 I prefer to pick my spot to paint rather than have something assigned by lottery, but I took the event as just a way to get back out and paint and do like Burlington as a city to paint in.

I'll drop my painting off today and unfortunately have to miss the opening of the show as I will be attending the Wizard World Comic Convention next weekend.

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