Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brandywine Wandering

 The weather was so fantastic today that I decided to pack out early to the Brandywine and just drive some back roads and wander till I came upon a spot to paint. There were so many great spots along the way, and I did stop to snap some pics for future reference and to note future painting places. When i came upon this spot with the two builds, what looks like an old pump house and a barn in the distance that was the spot for today.

 So I have cool greens and warm greens and playing them into each other ads a richness you see in nature.

Here is the mass-in, everything except the barn. From this point  end up making a lot of changes,but the basic bed is set. I know the shadows will shift so I go and lock them in first and then I feel i can always scrape off or paint over, move, etc. I did use a little Liquin fine detail. After about 3 hours I stopped as the shadows had shifted too much and we were upon Solar Noon where they will really change. The final is 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas.

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