Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Darby Creek

 After finishing my regular work duty on this week's strips I grabbed some Z's and then headed out to paint something. I started too late so I wasn't able to joining Aaron Thompson who was painting out in valley Forge. before leaving I checked the radar it, and it  looked like I might get 2 hours before the raid could show up. Since the time was short I decided to drive back to the Swedish cabin down off of Darby Creek which is 15 minutes at the most from my place. Luckily there were not a lot of people there so I had it pretty much to myself except for people jumping off the SEPTA trolley bridge into the creek.
 There did appear to be some other creative types who visited this spot before me though.

 Just a great view to paint! I set up fast as I could see the clouds were building. I painted again on panel, over and old painting I did in school. I had oil primed it a few weeks back. I used a No. 4 flat and blasted awat blocking it in.

 After about 90 minutes this is where I had to stop as the thunder started..and the lighting too! They say lighting can travel 30 miles from a cloud--so I packed it up for the day. I had a lot of this one done, so I snapped a pick and finished it up at home. I think if you get a painting mostly done you can use photos to finish certain details and areas as you have already established most of the values and colors by eye from nature.

 Seems like its going to be this way weather wise every day this week, hot, humid with afternoon thunderstorms, so I think I'll have to make sure I get out early tomorrow.

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